WA create a new resource to teach young people about the dangers of loan sharks

WA create a new resource to teach young people about the dangers of loan sharks

WA were commissioned by the England Illegal Money Lending Team to produce classroom resources for use in primary and secondary schools that will help young people to be aware of illegal money lenders and their practices. The resource has proved so popular that it has recently been re-accredited with the Financial Education Quality Mark and reissued.

The resources develops a range of skills that will enable young people and their families to become  financially capable so that they can make sound financial choices.  See :

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The resources have received the Financial Education Quality Mark managed by Young Money.  You can get the resources by going to

For Ages 5-11 on lessons about keeping your money safe

For Ages 11-19 on lessons in safer lending and borrowing

You can also download a copy of the resources or order hard copies go to http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/stoploansharks

More about the The Stop Loan Sharks project.

The project targets illegal money lenders, more commonly known as loan sharks. Three national Illegal Money Lending Teams make up the Project: England, Scotland and Wales. The Teams look into illegal lending and any related crimes.

The Project is funded by the department of Business Innovation and Skills and works in partnership with local Trading Standards Authorities. The Project has so far secured more than 222 prosecutions for illegal money lending and related activity leading to prison sentences in excess of 150 years. Almost £40million worth of illegal debt has been written off by the Team and more than 19,000 loan shark victims have been helped.

What our clients have said about our work.

‘The England Illegal Money Lending Team engaged WA Partnership to develop lesson plans delivering financial education for primary and secondary schools with a loan shark theme. The results exceeded our expectations and feedback from the schools has been amazing. The lessons were perfectly pitched with exactly the right messages delivered in an engaging and age appropriate way. We found WA Partnership to be professional, incredibly flexible and full of great ideas and would recommend them to anyone. They deliver a holistic service in every sense of the phrase’.
Cath Wohlers, LIAISE Manager, England Illegal Money Lending Team