Money Matters

Money Matters

Developing financial capability

Never has it been so important to ensure that future generations are confident and capable of managing their financial affairs in an increasingly complex economy.

WA partnership has extensive experience in the field of financial education having been involved since 1999 as part of a lobbying group campaigning for the inclusion of financial education into the curriculum. Since then much has happened to improve the landscape in financial education and through our association with pfeg (personal finance education group) we have made and continue to make a significant contribution in this area.

Here are some of the projects that WA partnership have supported with a range of consultancy skills.

Learning Money Matters: A project to develop confidence and competence of teacher in secondary schools to deliver financial education.

What Money Means: A  project to develop confidence and competence of teacher in primary schools to deliver financial education.

My Money & My Money week: A cross phase project to increase school involvement in financial education.

Volunteer network: Initial development of training and distance learning resources to encourage financial sector involvement in financial education.

Quality Marking for financial education resources: A system to ensure the availability of good quality resources for schools.

Quality assuring consultancy: Ensuring that all consultants working with schools were working to an approved standard.

Developing Centres of Excellence in financial education:  A programme to encourage schools to excel in the provision of financial education.