EETSA: Enterprise Action

EETSA: Enterprise Action

East of England Trading Standards Authorities (EETSA) – Enterprise Action

WA partnership was asked by the East of England Trading Standards Authorities (EETSA) to manage a Department of Trade and Industry funded project for them.

EETSA consists of 10 Local Trading Standards Departments – some large, some small, some very urban and some very rural. The brief for the project was to manage the further development of a training and process package for the implementation of Enforcement Orders. (A specific form of enforcement action) and plan and organise the launch of the product at the 2003 Trading Standards Conference in Edinburgh.

The package had to work for all 10 authorities, operating a number of different data systems. It had to build on existing work already started, be attractive, easy to access, legally accurate and fit in with the Office of Fair Trading monitoring systems.

In the course of the project we needed to work with all 10 authorities involved, two data base companies, a software developer, one Government department and two Government agencies.

WA partnership were able to offer a complete project management service, something which EETSA felt was essential to the overall success of the project, as they were unable to resource this level of project management internally.

The project involved the management and organisation of:

  • further development of exisiting materials and the development of new materials for the package in consultation with the client
  • further development of the process flow involved in undertaking enforcement action
  • the development of a brief for two data base companies to embed the process flow into their systems
  • briefing the software company to develop an interactive process flow linking letters, case studies and background information together
  • the design and branding of the product
  • the production of the product and promotional literature
  • the conference launch